Tesoros de Gracia-Canalitos

Erwin "Shorty" Luna

If there is one thing you can say about Shorty it is that he has the gift to evangelize.  Through his unbelievable life experiences, he has shared his story of perseverance, brokeness and redemption to bring so many to Christ.  He knows God isn't through with him yet and lives with passion to do the work God has enabled him to do.

Tesoros de Gracia~ Canalitos/La Limonada/Xela/Zone1

The mission in Canalitos, La Limonada, Quetzaltenango (Xela) and Zone 1 has two focuses: the local community churches and the home shelter.  The home shelter is a safe environment for youth and adults who need short-term housing until they can get their lives back on track.  This year Shorty has seen many challenges on all fronts, and God continues to provide and lead Shorty to do His Kingdom work.

Recently they held a 12 hour long baptism service at a local park.  Four school buses transported 250 people from all of the churches Shorty pastors.  They did this in celebration of the Guatemalan holiday, “Day of the Child”.   It was a wonderful day for everyone!

Casa Hogar (Home Shelter)
Jorge Sipake is the new director at the home shelter in Canalitos.  He lives on site with his wife and 3 children.There are currently 34 residents living at the home.  Of the 34, 12 are children with their parents; 22 teens and adults.The residents are allowed to stay no longer than 6 months.  During their stay, they are counseled, required to help at the house and attend classes that will help them get back on their feet.  TdG works with residents to find employment and housing.The owner wants to sell the building, which puts pressure on Shorty to try to either raise funds to buy the building or find another property.  Scholarships and school supplies were provided to the children living in the house so they could attend school.    

Canalitos Church Dynamic worship services are held 4 days a week in the evenings at Casa Hogar.  The church is growing!  80-100 people attend every service which is a huge blessing because there are many gangs in the area that try to prevent people from attending church.  A woman’s bible study was started on Thursday mornings and has been well received and attended!  

Zone 1 Church There are 35 people that regularly attend the services that are held twice a week.  They meet in different homes because they do not have their own church building.  Pray for protection as they continue to meet to worLa Limonada Church This is one of the most dangerous areas in Guatemala.  Gang activity has been extremely HOT as of late.  Shorty leads 3 worship services a week and have a special children’s program on Saturday that 40-60 children attend.  Pray for security and safety as they attend these services.


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