Vidas Plenas- Working in La Limonada


During the last 20 years, Tita Evertsz has led Fundación Vidas Plenas and has served and ministered in a ravine in Guatemala City called La Limonada, which was initially populated on August 15th, 1958.La Limonada is located in the very heart of the capital city, and it is now home to more than 60,000 people.

Due to extreme poverty and a lack of education and job opportunities, ignorance prevails, and La Limonada is also a very dangerous area with a lot of crime and vandalism. We believe it is not God's will that children be exposed daily to this kind of life. That is why our mission is to focus on prevention, working with the children in a holistic way: spirit, soul and body.

Programs includes:

• TUTORING for nearly 300 students, in the morning and in the afternoon.

• FEEDING (breakfast and/or lunch) from Monday to Friday, for the same group of students.

• SCHOOL FOR PARENTS- Because of the extreme poverty level, parents do not pay for school because they are absolutely unable to. However, it is required that they have to attend the School for Parent's once or twice a month in exchange. In most of the cases, parents don’t give their children a better life because they do not know how to do it. That’s why the staff at Vidas Plenas are walking with the parents and their children, looking for a better, brighter future.

• PSYCHOLOGIST- Every Academy has a Psychologist.  This is necessary because when a child is received at Vidas Pleans,  they have many issues to deal with and their background story is very difficult. They requires guidance and know that they are in a safe place.  For some children, this is the first time they are treated with unconditional love and affection.

• They maintain a high school SCHOLARSHIP program. This is a unique opportunity for 118 students, since the Public School system provides mainly for elementary school, and most students can’t afford to go to high school.

•REHAB- They also work with gang members which gives them the opportunity to come to know and believe in God, leaving a life that has been imposed on them, since very few of them have chosen to live like that. The program includes sports, home school, jewelry making, artistic graffiti and other activities which may give them hope in the future.

• There is a NURSE on staff who visits sick people in the community, especially those already beyond recovery, those who can’t move and those who can’t afford medical services.

• BIBLE STUDIES are held in some houses. Most of the people who attend would otherwise never listen to God’s Word since they are thieves, prostitutes, and gang members. These bible studies are a great blessing for everyone, as the teachers have learned a lot from the students.  They have a pure and unique way to understand God and his Word.

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